What is VoIP Termination?

Voice over Internet Protocol Termination refers to the routing of a VoIP call from the calling party, initiator of the call, to the called party, recipient company, or business.
However voIP call is transferred from one VoIP service provider to another, till the call reaches the recipient.
One of the crucial aspects of VoIP Termination is ensuring quality during the process. Moreover etollfree provides the best quality connections so you can enjoy the service.

Toll-Free Forwarding Service

How does Its work?

The VoIP Termination service of etollfree works with the best available service providers to ensure high-quality connections. The process is outlined below.


The call is placed by a customer using the VoIP number.


The router passes the call to the internet.


It is transferred to the service server through the internet connection and is redirected to the IP address of the VoIP number.


The call is then transmitted to the local internet based on the location.


The call is then connected to the recipient’s VoIP device.

Etollfree VoIP Termination Service

Etollfree provides the most affordable packages to its customers. However the benefits of choosing etollfree VoIP Termination are numerous.


Etollfree uses the latest technology and monitors the traffic constantly, to ensure uninterrupted global connectivity.


Etollfree is a global VoIP service provider and has worldwide connections. Therefore we provide direct routes to several continents and make VoIP Termination much faster, easier, and more qualitative.


With the motive of providing the best to our customers, we have set reasonable prices for our services.
Eurther etollfree offers several packages that have advanced features but are highly affordable.


With the digitalization of business, we offer cloud-based services to make global trade easier and hassle-free. However
etollfree provides virtual customer support setups and apps. You can easily use our services anytime, anywhere, without any additional physical equipment.