What is 1800 call forwarding?

1800 call forwarding is a call service with a toll-free number using the 1800 code.  Moreover you can connect with customers worldwide and make it more convenient for them to get in touch with you.
Likely etollfree 1800 forwarding enables you to encourage your customers to contact the business for any query, as the connection will be free of charge for them. Thereby you can select any of the suitable etoll-free call forwarding plans at an affordable price.

How does it work?

1800 phone number is a virtual number with no physical location. Further  this allows you to connect with customers and businesses worldwide through internet-based calls. However as the customer places a call to your  toll-free number, it gets connected to your virtual customer care center provided by etollfree. Moreover You can answer, record, and forward calls to any location.

Why get an 1800 toll-free number?


Brand building

Having 1800 toll-free numbers creates a prestigious image of your business. However  It ensures the client of your quality services and global presence. Moreover Companies with a toll-free number are proven to be more trustworthy for clients than the ones without it.


International Commerce

With the changing global arena, you cannot expect your business to grow within the national confines. Further we accessing the international market will get more revenue, better connections, and increasing opportunities. Therefore with etollfree 1800 forwarding, it becomes more convenient for international clients to connect with customer care service. 1800 toll-free numbers also help in better marketing.


Customer satisfaction

We helps to make customer contact cheaper and more convenient. However  the call charges are paid by the company, while the customer enjoys the benefits. This affordable, accessible, and convenient mode of communication helps in customer satisfaction and business validation

How to get an 1800 toll-free number?

To get an etollfree 1800 call forwarding service, subscribe to one of our affordable and customer-friendly packages. Further we will provide you with a toll-free number or transfer your current number to an 1800 toll-free number. Therefore With our virtual setup and customer care center, start receiving calls and provide the best customer care services.

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