About Etollfree

We are a top-tier communications solutions provider with customer-centric values. Our business is connecting people and businesses together. We help businesses make sales and retain customers by providing them with hitch-free efficient full communication and telemarketing systems.

We understand the value of businesses staying connected to their people and how this affect their bottom lines. Hence, we seek to make this rather difficult task easy by providing them with the devices and software they need to ensure seamless communication with their customers.

Our low costs are not a question of quality but of staying true to our mandate of helping businesses stay connected to their people. Quality services and products coupled with support systems in the form of expertly trained personnel sets us apart from other phone service companies.

It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur or just an individual who is trying to separate your business from your personal life or a small or medium scale business or even a fortune 500 company; we are your best shot at an affordable, secure, and efficient communications system.

Our well trained support staff provide technical support to customers and offer technical advice to help our customers make informed decisions about their communications and telemarketing systems.


We offer the best, and that is why

we are your internet service company!

Our Values

Quality Customer Relationship Management

We focus on helping businesses provide quality CRM. Customer Relationship Management helps businesses learn more about their target audiences and how best to cater for their needs and drive sales.

Customer centric

We focus on providing the best products and services for its customers, helping our customers achieve their marketing and sales target.

Best Technology

We provide the best products and services within the shortest time possible by using state of the art tech tools and AI powered software. Using the best technology available allows us to fulfill our mandate of helping businesses find business.


We help businesses save time and money increasing their productivity and profitability by helping them set up efficient communications and telemarketing systems.