An auto dialer telemarketing is a software program that was created to dial numbers automatically. An auto dialer is a software program that was created to dial numbers automatically. It will call the number and hang up, then wait for an answer and if there isn’t one, it will move onto the next number in the list. This type of technology can be used for telemarketing or for other types of marketing such as survey companies who use this technology to contact people over the phone.

Telemarketing can be a difficult process. One of the most challenging aspects of telemarketing is following up with leads who have expressed interest in your product or service, but haven’t yet made a purchase. An auto dialer for telemarketing can make this process easier by providing you with the opportunity to quickly reconnect with these people.



Firstly, in reconnecting with a lead is to identify which ones are worth calling back. Secondly, you must have some sort of system set up to track and categorize leads. As a result, you need to know what each lead’s contact information is so that you can call them back at the appropriate time.

The best auto dialer telemarketing softwares

Here’s a quick rundown of how best autodialer telemarketing software stack up:


Five9’s auto dialer software uses a predictive dialer to call phone numbers efficiently. Algorithms determine when the agent will be available and assigns live calls on an as-needed basis. As a result, Five9’s dialer agent talk time is heightened. In most cases, with their predictive dialing system, agents will go from one live call to another.


Right off the bat, ChaseData stands out because it’s very inexpensive. The Small Business Edition is only $89 per month, per user, so this is a great entry-level auto dialer package. Despite this SMB-friendliness, features like inbound calling, CRM integration, and skills-based routing are all available on their base-level plan.


NICE is one of the leaders in the cloud-based contact center field. They utilize technologies like predictive behavioral routing and their Personal Connection Dialer, which minimizes the pause when connecting with an agent or determining if there’s a voicemail.


RingCentral has predictive and progressive dialer features. They also provide access to a preview dialer. Preview dialers place the onus of dialing a number in the agent’s hands. The history of the call is presented so that the reps decide to call or wait a few days before making an outbound sales attempt.


Unlike Five9, Velocify comes packed-in with lead management software. Lead management combined with call tracking allows you to follow the customer’s journey through your sales pipeline. Your agents will also be prepared with detailed info about past interactions.