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This will show you the step-by-step tutorial on how to Register a Softphone
I’m using our demo server that you can visit at:
Register a Phone extension first from the eDialer Administration page. Login to eDialer Administration:

Go to Admin>Phones

Click Add a New Phone

Then, add the following details:

  • Phone Extension
  • Dial Plan
  • Voicemail Box
  • Agent Screen login
  • Login Password
  • Registration Password


Now, open your softphone, you can use: BRIA, EYEBEAM, XLITE or ZOIPER. I will be using ZOIPER as an example.
Go to Zoiper Settings>Create a new Account

Account Type: SIP

For Credentials, User should be the Agent login, Password should be your registration password and domain should be the Server IP address or the domain, then, click NEXT.

Check the box for “Skip auto-detection”, then click Next and Close.

Since our eDialer has a new Webphone feature, here are the steps on how to activate your webphone:
Go to the Phone Extension you want to have the webphone feature.

Look for the field that says “Webphone” Choose Y and click SUBMIT.

On the agent screen make sure that the URL is on HTTPS not http.

During your initial login, an allow mic notification will appear on your browser. Make sure to click “Allow”.

You will know if the webphone is active when you hear the voice prompt saying that you have successfully logged in and you will see the green check make with a timer on top