Every business should use whatever resources are available to them to help cut down their costs and/or encourage business growth. One of many resources to help with this is toll free numbers.

What Is A Toll Free Number?

A Toll free number is a number in which the receiver of the call is charged for the phone call, instead of the person making the call. In this case, all phone numbers with the starting digit 8 are classified as toll free numbers.

The 855 Area Code

The 844 area code is included in this, but most people may not know this as they are used to just regular 800 numbers. As a matter of fact the vanity number functions the exact same way as an 800 number but gives you a bit of an alternative solely because most regular 800 numbers are occupied already. If you are concerned that a 844 number may not be toll free, don’t worry the slightest bit. As these variations of the original 800 area code numbers are very well known as actual 800 number variants.

Easy to Obtain an 844 Area Code

It’s very easy to obtain a 844 area code number by either asking a phone service provider or simply by checking on grasshopper.com. Grasshopper is an easier alternative than calling your cellular service provider in order to obtain a vanity number. Grasshopper lets you have a wide variety of selections based off of the type of 844 area code number you want for your business, giving you multiple options to choose from.

Making The Decision

Some things that can help you on deciding which toll free number to choose from is your industry or even your business name. You can use letters from either your industry or business and incorporate it into the last digits of your 844 area code number. Here is an example, if your business name is (Decland Incorporation ), you can do 1-844-Decland or try using a digit variation that is relatively easy to remember, for both you and customers calling in the future.

Defining Your Company

Toll free numbers are a great thing to have specifically for your business or industry to define your company and basically have it considered almost like a trademarked phone number. They are a great thing to have if you ever consider having worldwide customers so that it is easy for them to reach you and not have to worry about being charged for out of country calls.

You can also get local toll free numbers for the 844 area code as well if you’d like to have something with similar digits to what is recognized in you city or town, That way customers don’t think they are calling a number across the world and are familiar with what they are looking at.

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