Let’s get started!

  1. Go to your eDialer administration dashboard.
  2. Then, inbound, call menus and add a new call menu.
  3. Type in the Menu ID, and Menu name, you would like to use. 
  4. Then, click Submit.
  5. Upload the voice prompt you would like to use, for the call menu in the audio store. Please see our previous videos on how to upload your file to e-dialer. 
  6. Now under menu prompt, click the audio chooser and select the audio file you want to play for this call menu. 
  • Menu Timeout will be the number of seconds the menu will listen to the caller’s DTMF response. 
  • Menu time check and call time will be for the calling time restrictions. 
  • We have skipped some of the call menu fields because these are optional settings. 
  • Please click the circle with a question mark, for the definition of each field, and see if this can be a setting you can utilize. 
  1. Now, let’s go ahead with the call menu option setup.
  • Option field, is a dropdown of all possible choices in your call menu. 
  • Description is for the option description. 
  • Route field, will be the setting where to send the call from the option selected. 
  • We can leave the rest of the fields by default. 
  1. After you add all the call menu options, click submit to save. 
  2. If you need to remove a call menu option, choose remove under the ROUTE field and click submit to save.