eDialer Inbound Campaign Setup

Ingroup Setup

This is the 2nd part tutorial in setting up incoming calls. An ingroup is an essential setup for your incoming calls.

How to Setup Ingroup Welcome Message

how to set up a welcome message in the eDialer phone system. This tutorial will be for the initial message that plays on an incoming IVR setup.

DID to Ingroup

How to route a DID or phone number to your ingroup.

Setting up Call Menu

https://youtu.be/_TaxxHSZq90Adding videos to your page in Divi is simple using the Video module. The module allows you to embed videos from just about any source,

DID to Agent Direct

How to route a DID to a User in eDialer. In eDialer phone system, you can setup a user’s direct phone number. After purchasing your DID or phone number from your etollfree customer portal and routing it to eDialer, you are now ready to setup the DID to the user.

How to Allow Inbound Campaign

How to set up an inbound campaign. Inbound Campaign is a setup for your incoming calls. If you would like to receive incoming calls to e-dialer, then you will need to allow incoming calls to your campaign.