eDialer Outbound Campaign Setup

How to Setup Hold Music

How to set up hold music in eDialer phone system. The hold music can be applicable for outbound campaign’s hold option, and in-group’s hold music.

Setup CID Local Presence

This allows you the ability to set custom caller ID numbers per campaign for outbound calls by area code. This can be set to have a single or multiple CID for every areacode.

How to Setup Transfer Preset

A transfer preset setup can be useful if you need to add more than 5 transfer numbers or you need to add a name code for each of your transfer numbers.

Setting up Lead Recycle

With Lead Recycle you can call specific statuses of leads again at a specified interval without resetting the entire list. Lead recycling is campaign-specific and does not have to be a selected dialable status in your campaign.

How to Setup Dispo URL

This URL address is not seen by the agent, but it is called every time a call is dispositioned by an agent if it is populated. This is where we setup certain dispo toss or dispo move, crm integration.

How to Allow Inbound Campaign

How to set up an inbound campaign. Inbound Campaign is a setup for your incoming calls. If you would like to receive incoming calls to e-dialer, then you will need to allow incoming calls to your campaign.

How to Setup Outbound Call Drop

What is a dropped call? A dropped call is when the dialer receives or connects to a live call and no agent is available to connect to. These calls are then dispositioned as DROP and adds to the campaign’s drop percentage rate.

How to Setup Webform

What is the web form for in eDialer? This is where you can set the custom web page that will be opened when the user clicks on the WEB FORM button in the agent interface.

How to Setup Pause Codes

What is a Pause Code? A pause code is the pop up box that the user sees in the eDialer agent interface whenever the user hits the pause button.