Global Reach

eTollfree is connected to carriers all over the world so you can make phones ring wherever your customers are. No need to maintain lots of carrier connections.

CDR Daily Call Detail Records

Keep up to date with daily call detail records. Download daily call detail records from our secure FTP site location. These records will contain everything you need to properly bill your customers and reconcile billing on a daily basis.

Flat Rate Wholesale Services

Need tier 1 services without worrying about rates? Our flat rate service for the continental US 48 states + Alaska is the lowest you will find anywhere. No need for least cost routing (LCR) or the use of complicated SMS routing templates, make one simple SMS CIC to level(3) and rest assured you will get the best quality with the best rate.

Unlimited VoIP Connectivity

We offer many ways to connect toll-free services to your customers. We offer toll-free to VoIP as well as toll-free to PSTN service connections. And don’t be limited by channel charges, we offer unlimited channels at no cost to you.

Maintain Resporg Control

Do you have your own RespOrg-ID? Maintaining your own RespOrg-ID with our wholesale services is a standard practice. You can choose to port toll-free numbers to your existing RespOrg-ID or you can choose to port your toll-free numbers over to Level(3) Communications at no additional charge. Either way you always stay in full control.

Phone Number API

Search our extensive inventory for your customer’s desired toll-free phone number and buy it on the spot using either our API or website. We also provide our API service for your website to help you increase your customer’s searching experiences.