Call screening is the process of identifying the nature of the call that you are receiving in order to help you decide whether to answer the call or not.  With call screening you are able to find out who is calling your toll free number, the number that they are calling from, as well as what their intentions might be.   In a situation where you have routed a your toll free number to your cell phone, without call screening you do not know whether the call has been placed by some one calling your cell phone directly or if the call is coming from the eToll Free cloud voice system.  However with call screening you get a notification.  Once you pick up the call you will hear “you have a call from your toll free service”, press 1 to accept press 2 to deny.  If you accept the call you will be connected to the caller and if you deny the call or if you do not respond at all, the call will then be sent to our voicemail system.   So the first step in setting up your call screening service is to make sure that you have an active voicemail box.  Once you have set up your voicemail box, click on call screen in the left navigational menu.  Then click on add new call screen.  The extension is the number that your toll free number is routed to.  So for example if you had your toll free number routed to your cell phone then in the extension field you would enter in your cell phone number.   Now give your extension a name.   Now choose a voicemail box that you would like the calls to go to in the event that you don’t pick up the call.  The play screen message option is an announcement that prompts the caller to identify themselves.  So for example when the caller calls your number the screen message will say, “please say your name”  the callers name will then be recorded and once you pick up the call you will hear the name of the person calling and at that point you can decide whether to accept or deny the call.   And for ringback you can choose US-ring or hold music.   Once your settings are configured, click on save changes.   Now our call screening has been created.  Now in order to start screening calls we will need to route our toll free telephone number to our screening number which in this example would be a cell phone number.   To do this click on toll free numbers in the left hand navigational menu.  Then click on the action button for the toll free number that you wish to route to your cell phone.  Then click on change routing.  Select call screening… and then choose the number that you entered into the extension field when you created your call screening function.  Now click save changes.   Now your call screening is actives and ready to be used.   As you can see eToll Free provides you with high quality phone support that you can set up fast and easy.