Instructions for routing calls to a Voicemail Box

You can route any call within the eTollFree network to our voicemail system.

First,  let’s make sure you have a voicemail box created. Navigate to the voicemail section of our portal. Next, you can add a new voicemail box by clicking on the “add new voicemail box” button located in the innermost right-hand corner of the page.


Once the voicemail add dialog box is shown you can enter a mailbox number, password, box name, e-mail notification settings, e-mail address, and etc. and click the save changes box located in the bottom right corner.


Once the changes are saved, your voicemail box will go through the process of updating and then becoming active.


Now, let’s route one of your toll-free or local numbers to your newly created voicemail box.

Navigate to the telephone numbers section of our portal.

Next, click on the action button located on the rightward side of the number that you wish to change and select change routing.

A change routing box will appear with multiple options to select from.

Select “Ring to Voicemail” as your Ring Type

Then, enter the voicemail box number in which you would like calls to be answered.


Finally, save your changes.

Once the changes are saved, your toll-free or local number will go through the process of updating and then becoming active.


You are now ready to receive calls into your voicemail box.

To access your voicemail, just call the local or toll-free number that you just routed and the voicemail system should pick up. Once the voicemail system picks up, press * and into the default password of 1234. You can then follow the instructions given to you by the voicemail system to change your greeting, password and many other options.