Instructions for routing calls to a VoIP PBX

You can route any call within the eTollFree network to a VoIP enabled IP device. Navigate to the telephone numbers section of our portal and route any telephone number to a VoIP Connection. You can do this by finding the number that you wish to change Next, click on the action button located on the rightward side of the number that you wish to change and select change routing. A change routing box will appear with multiple options to select from. Select “Ring to VoIP Connection (PBX)” as your Ring Type Then, enter the IP address or domain name of the VoIP device that you wish calls to be transferred. Finally, save your changes. Once the changes are saved, your toll-free or local number will go through the process of updating and then becoming active. You are now ready to receive calls on your IP enabled VoIP device from our servers . Please note calls from our servers will come from one of two IP addresses ( & You may have to enable or unblock firewall access for these two IP address. Please check with your VoIP switch vendor system administrator for more information.