You may find that time the time you received calls to your inbound toll-free or local numbers that are unrecognized. This is normal for any toll-free number or local number. Please keep in mind, all telephone numbers including toll-free numbers have been in existence for some time.  You may own a toll-free number that was previously owned by another company. If that previous company had a lot of call volume or did not notify their customers of a number change, you may experience an over flow of calls from customers of the previous owner. All numbers in our inventory are disconnected at least 30 days before being re-issued and number retrieved from vanity search or Tollfree spare pool are inactive at least 90 days before being reissued. The only solution to this issue would be to disconnect your current number and choose a different number. E toll-free is not responsible for any unwanted calls and will not refund any calls you deem as being unwanted.