What are Voip phone extensions or also known as voice over IP phones. Voip phone extensions are virtual phone extensions which are in fact telephone lines that are connected to our cloud based phone system by an internet.   You can use VoIP phone extensions to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls from local and toll free numbers.   You can also use Voip phone extensions to call other extensions with the eTollfree cloud based phone system.  An example of this would be making calls to other ring groups (which are multiple phones that all receive the same calls and ring together at the same time).   You can also make calls to other Voip extensions such as for example you can make a call to phone extension 2000 where another associate could receive that call.   This method of calling is called a peer to peer call.   You can also use a Voip phone extension to receive calls from the Auto attendant, call voicemail and efax services.  As well as any other cloud based service that the eTollFree has to offer.   Voip phone extensions can be configured many different ways.  One way is by having an actual voice over IP hard phone like the Sisco 9600 series.  You can also have a regular telephone line with a voice over IP adaptor.  And You can also have a soft phone application which is on a computer or mobile device.  Softphone software can be downloaded from developers such as Xlite from Xlite.com, Bria from Counterpath.com and zoiper from zoiper.com.   We will have additional videos on how to download, install and configure each one of these applications separately.   Once you have installed and configured a voip application you will be able to use the eTollfree cloud based phone system easily.   You will have a fully functional, reliable phone system at an affordable price that’s easy to use.   Please check out our helpful link areas within our portal to get information on how to create phone extensions and configure them using your favourite devices.