What is a cheap virtual phone number?

A cheap virtual phone number is provided by a virtual number provider such as etollfree. Moreover virtual numbers are the numbers that are not connected to any local area operators and are cloud-based. Therefore
etollfree virtual numbers give you the comfort of accessing your online control center from anywhere, anytime. further you can receive toll-free calls from national and international clients while also sending and receiving voicemails.

Virtual phone numbers use internet channels for connections rather than the traditional landline network. similarly these numbers provide global connectivity, multi-device access, free call forwarding, and voicemails.

Etollfree is among the best cheap virtual phone number service providers. However with etollfree cheap virtual numbers, you can take your business to the next level without burdening your finances. Etollfree virtual numbers are easy to get, activate and use. further we also provide professional customer care services and virtual setups to create a global virtual presence for your business.

Subscribe to one of our affordable and customer-friendly packages and let us do the rest. However you can transfer your existing phone number to a virtual number or choose from our infinite numbers.

cheap virtual phone number/numbers
cheap virtual phone number/numbers


Cheap virtual phone number have many business benefits and can cause revenue increases. similarly listed below are some of the most prominent benefits of getting an etollfree cheap virtual number.


With a cheap  virtual  number, your international clients can easily access your customer care center. However with cheap virtual phone number, your customers can make toll-free calls without any charges while you enjoy etollfree advanced service at an affordable rate.


With etollfree cheap virtual number, you can forward calls to any location or device globally and choose the best available network connection. Never miss a ring with etollfree cheap virtual numbers.


With etollfree cheap virtual  number, you can get customized and prerecorded voice responses to provide better service and improve customer satisfaction


Want to keep a record of the calls you received? Or get the caller’s information to plan better strategies? However with etollfree cheap virtual numbers, you can do both. We provide you with real-time reports for your business.