Looking for the right business communications solution? If you’re working in an industry where remote is quickly replacing traditional office environments, then you probably know how important communications technology is in terms of keeping teams connected. But choosing the right solution for your organization isn’t always easy. Whether you’re looking for a simple VoIP phone system to replace your legacy PBX, basic video conferencing software, or a fully unified cloud communications platform—there are plenty of options out there.

Dialpad is a new service that basically allows you to make unlimited phone calls for free. They offer a unique and innovative way of making voice calls by using an app on your smartphone. Dialpad offers a lot of features that are not offered by traditional phone companies, and it also has some drawbacks. The service is available only in the US, but there are many other alternatives out there.

One of the best things about Dialpad is that they offer unlimited calling to any number in the US and Canada, so if you want to call someone who lives close or far away, there will be no additional charges. This can be very beneficial because if you don’t have any money or if you’re just looking for a Dialpad alternative.


Microsoft Team is the best virtual platform for the office, it is a cloud-based group communication software that brings together text, voice and video calls in a single application. It’s designed to replace your individual email accounts and intranet portals, and best of all, it supports small teams and large corporations.


Google Chat is an excellent instant messaging platform that comes with great features and functionality. We have been using it for discussions and classroom groups since 2 years and my experience with this tool is excellent. Google Chat is integrated in Gmail so you don’t have to install any app to chat with your colleagues.


Nextiva Business Communication Suite is a critical component of our company’s success because it not only connects us with our remote clients, but also helps us save money on collaboration by combining all of the necessary collaboration modules into a single suite, including text messaging, voice telephony, fax, video conferencing, and file sharing.


The audio quality is excellent either via the desktop app or smartphone app (using iPhone SE). I wish I could change the outgoing v-mail message (i.e. out of office) more easily from the app, instead having to log into their website each time. Their app is very easy to use and their features are not limited to phone calls, so you can message, text or video chat via RingCentral, which is convenient.


Zoom works with both a PC and a smartphone. The application is relatively easy to use. Meeting connections make it easy to join meetings. Chat, screen sharing, document sharing, and whiteboarding are among the functions. I can’t think of any obvious disadvantages to utilizing the tool. The uncertainty around data protection claims frustrates me the most.


My time with the Vonage Business Communications system is great, I like this solution because it provides all the needed tools and features in a single solution eliminating the need for multiple tools. It combines voice telephony, text messaging, team chat, fax, social media, video conferences all part in one solution.