With eDialer’s web phone feature. You can receive calls right in your browser without downloading any third-party phone applications.

NOTE: The agent credentials will be provided by the eDialer’s manager or owner.

1. Log in to the agent screen using Google Chrome.

2. Click “Agent Log in”

3. Type in your phone credentials.
4. Then your user credentials.
5. Choose your campaign from the dropdown field.
6. If this is your first login attempt, you will see a notification to allow microphone at the top of your browser. Click Allow.
7. This is what the eDialer’s screen looks like.
8. This is the campaign ID.
9. On the left are the main call functions.
10. At the center of the page, you will see the customer information.

NOTE: As you receive a call, the lead information will auto-fill these fields.  You can also make changes to these fields as you see fit.

11. These tabs in blue contain your script, form for the custom fields, SMS for text messaging, additional call notes and google maps.

12. Here on the right side of the page is the keypad.
13. Type in the 10 digit phone number at the field just above the keypad and click the green call button.
14. This is how the page looks like while on call.
15. To end the call click, Hangup Customer button at the bottom left.
16. Then, the disposition buttons will show on the right side of the page. You can choose your preferred disposition and click submit.
17. We also have these tabs at the bottom of the page for your callbacks. call history. call logs. and avatar.