So, what is a phone extension?

In order for eDialer’s webphone to work, you need to add a phone extension.

To do this,

1. You need to login to the eDialer administration dashboard.

2. Go to Admin.

3. Click Phones.

4. Add a new Phone.

5. For the Phone Extension Field, It can be an alphanumeric character but we suggest using just numbers especially if you plan to use agent direct extensions for an IVR.

6. For the dial plan number, this field is for the number you dial to have the phone ring.

7. Then, the voicemail box.

NOTE: For the dial plan number and voicemail box, we suggest keeping it the same as your phone extension for better management in the long run.

8. The outbound Caller ID can be blank.

9. You will need to add an agent screen login, Login password, and registration password.

NOTE: The login password and registration password should be the same if you are using the webphone.

10. For now, we will leave the admin user group, server IP, status, active account, and the rest of the settings as is without any changes. Then, click submit.

11. After you successfully register a phone extension, eDialer will show you the full phone extension settings like this.

12. Now look for the field that says, Set As Webphone, just below the registration password.

13. Choose, Y to activate the webphone.

14. Client Protocol needs to be set to sip.

15. Then, the template ID should be set to SIP webphone.

16. When done, scroll at the bottom of the page and click submit.

17. We have successfully added a new phone extension!