In this tutorial, I will show you where and how to download our recommended softphones.

In instances that a user is having difficulty using the eDialer’s webphone, we can switch to a softphone option.

Why would a softphone work if the webphone fails?

Since a webphone is calling software that runs in your browser when an agent accidentally closes the browser window the webphone automatically becomes unavailable.

Webphone efficiency can also be affected by the add-on extensions on your browser.

On the other hand, a soft phone, is downloaded to your device, so it’s dependent only on internet connection to run smoothly. It’s also an independent app that you can configure which audio device to route the incoming and outgoing audio.

Okay, so the softphones you can use to register an e-Dialer Sip account are:

  1. EyeBeam – (Discontinued on March 2018)

This softphone was a voice-over-IP softphone for the Windows operating system produced by CounterPath Corporation.

           This has been a discontinued product of Counterpath, the same developer of X-lite and Bria.

  1. X-lite

This is a softphone developed by the same company Counterpath Corp. With its free version, you will be able to register a SIP account but not an IAX. 

  1. Bria

This is the latest softphone version of Counterpath Corporation, which replaces its older versions EyeBeam and X-lite. It has a Bria Solo free version that will automatically downgrade your Bria Solo after the trial period.

        Here’s the download link:

  1. Zoiper

Developed by Securax. This softphone let’s you register both SIP or IAX eDialer accounts from their softphone app. Download Link: 

You can choose which softphone you will be more comfortable using and compatible with the latest operating system and upgrades for better audio quality.