This is the third and final step of setting up your incoming calls on how to add a DID and Routing Setup in eDialer phone system.

After purchasing a number from your number search page in e-tollfree, you will need to route the DID or phone number to PBX, then to your assigned eDialer domain.

  1. Now open eDialer’s administration dashboard. 
  1. Go to Inbound, then DIDs and “Add a new DID”.
  1. Under DID Extension, add the 10 digit number or phone number you just purchased.
  1. Add a DID or phone number description.
  1. You can leave admin user group as is. 
  1. Then, click submit. 
  1. Now you should be able to see the other settings for your phone number routing. 
  1. Go to “DID Route”. This the type of route you want to set up for your DID.
  1. You can click the circle with question mark for the definition of each options from this drop down. In the mean time, we will set this to ingroup. 
  1. Now, go to In-Group ID and select the in-group we just created for incoming calls. 
  1. Then, In-Group Call Handle Method to CIDLookup which means, eDialer will look up for any previously saved information from the caller in the entire system. 

Note: If an existing information is saved in eDialer, the agent user will be able to see the details from the customer information field. However, if the incoming call is a phone number that is not in the phone system, then the user agent will only see the phone number in the customer information field and the rest will be blank.

  1. For the full definition of each of the call handle method, you can click the circle with question mark and choose the option from the dropdown that will best fit your settings. 
  1. Under “Server IP”, choose your server IP address from the drop down. 
  1. Then, click submit. 

You are ready to make a test call to your phone number.