After purchasing, and adding the DID or phone number, to your eTollfree customer portal. You can check out our previous video, on how to add the DID to eDialer. We are now ready to route the DID to an ingroup.

  1. First, go to your eDialer administration dashboard.
  1. Then go to Inbound, DIDs and show DIDs.
  1. Click Modify to the DID you want to route to an ingroup. 
  1. For “DID Route”, Choose ingroup. 
  1. Under In-group ID, choose the ingroup name, you would like to route the DID or phone number to. 
  1. Now for In group call Handle Method, choose the method suitable with your setup. 
  1. You can click the circle with a question mark, for the definition of each option within the drop down. 
  2. Now, click Submit to save.