Just like the eDialer’s campaign settings, the ingroup handles the incoming call settings.

Okay, let’s get started.

  1. Login to the eDialer’s administration dashboard. 
  1. Then, go to inbound, in-groups. 
  1. Choose “add a new in-group”. 
  1. Add an ingroup ID. This should be a 2 to 20 alphanumeric character and should not be the same with any of your campaign IDs. 
  1. Type a Group name between 2 to 30 alphanumeric characters. This will be the group description and will appear to the user’s ingroup selection in the agent interface. 
  1. Group color can be the text color name with a maximum of 7 characters, or the hex color code with the hash tag symbol at the beginning of the string. 
  1. Active field to active, which determines whether this ingroup is available to take the call. 
  1. We can leave the rest of the fields as is, as we can make the modification once the ingroup is created. 
  1. Now, click the submit button.
  1. After creating the ingroup, you will see the full extent of the ingroup settings in eDialer phone system.
  1. Check the selected checkboxes for the users you would like to receive incoming calls. 
  1. Then, Save changes. 
  1. Now, go to campaign and campaign main. 
  2. Click modify to the campaign you want to allow in group. 
  1. Look for the field, Allow Inbound and Blended. Choose Y. 
  1. Then click save changes. 
  1. Now, you will see the “Allowed Inbound Groups” field. 
  2. Select the in group box we just created. Then, save changes.