Let’s get started.

  1. Login to your eDialer’s admin dashboard. 
  1. Go to reports, agent reports. 
  1. Then, Agent Performance Detail. 

The Statistics that you will see here are only related to call handling.

  1. To view the report, choose a date range, then campaigns, User groups and the Users or Agents that you would like to check. 
  1. You can check the box show percent if you want to view the data in percentage form.
  1. Or, check the time in seconds box to view by minutes and seconds. 
  1. Then, click submit. 
  1. Now, the tables that you see below shows your search parameters. How many total calls connected to the agent and the breakdown of all agent dispositions. 
  1. The 2nd table below is for the pause code statistics. These data are pretty much self explanatory. 
  2. You can download the data by clicking the download icon at the corner of each table.