To set up the softphone for eDialer use, first you have to turn off the webphone from your phone extension.

To do this,

1. Log in to administration.

2. Go to Admin.

3. Then Phones.

4. Click Show Phones.

5. Choose the phone extension that you want to setup with Zoiper.

6. Go to “Set as Webphone”.

7. Choose N, then Submit.

8. Check the Template ID field. This needs to be set to: SIP_generic.

NOTE: You have to wait for about 1-2 minutes after making the changes in the phone extensions to apply.

9. Now that you have turned off the webphone, open Zoiper from your pc. Click Continue as Free User.

10. For the Username, type the phone extension in eDialer.

11. The password is the registration password from eDialer

12. Then click, login.

13. Host name is the domain. In this example, I am using eTolllfree’s eDialer Demo Server, so my domain will be:

NOTE: There should be no space, forward slashes not HTTP included in the hostname. 

14. Then click Next.

15. Now click Skip.

16. SIP UDP should turn green if you successfully registered the phone extension.

17. Then, click NEXT.

NOTE: If for some reason SIP UDP shows, Not found, please check out our Softphone troubleshooting guide on our next video.