In this tutorial, I will walk you through how to set up the dispo URL in an eDialer campaign.

But, first, before we start.

What is a DISPO URL?

This URL address is not seen by the agent, but it is called every time a call is dispositioned by an agent if it is populated. This is where we set up certain dispo toss or dispo move, CRM integration.

  1. To set it up, you need to go to eDialer’s administration panel.
  2. Then go to campaigns.
  3. Campaigns Main.
  4. Under the campaign you want to setup, click modify.
  5. Then, look for “Web Form & Integration”
  6. Then look for “Dispo Call URL”If you need to add multiple URL.
  7. Then add ALT to the “Dispo Call URL” field and save changes.
  8. Now go back to the “Dispo Call URL” field, and click the link that says, “Alternate Dispo URLs Defined”

This opens up a new page to add multiple URLs useful for multiple dispositions.

  1. Now, to add the URL.
  • For the Rank field. This will define the order in which the URLs are requested, this is important because if you have a URL that may take a few seconds to run ranked as 1, that will mean that any URLs ranked after it will have to wait to be run until that first URL request receives a response. Most of the time, I will just put this to 1.
  • Now for the STATUSES field. This is where you add the agent dispo status

This is case and space-sensitive. So, make sure you are adding exactly what is in your dial statuses.

  • DESCRIPTION field can be blank or add a note.
  • For the URL field. This is where you add the HTTP POST. If your API is in a different format, like XML or JSON. You can reach out to support for assistance.

10. Once all the fields are added, then click submit.

11. After clicking submit, activate each URL by choosing Y on the first drop-down box, then submit.

12. You have to do this one by one if you have multiple URL setup.

13. That’s it! You’re done setting up your campaign’s dispo URL.