First, we need to upload the audio file in the eDialer phone system.

  1. Login to eDialer’s administration panel. 
  1. Then go to Admin and the audio store to upload the file. 

Note: Don’t forget to upload the compatible audio formats only which are, Wav file, 16 bit, 8k PCM mono. And, gsm. 8bit, 8k.

  1. Now that’s done, go to music on hold. 
  1. Then, click “Add a new MOH entry”. 
  1. Under Music On Hold ID, type any 2 to 100 alphanumeric characters, without spaces. 
  1. For Music On Hold Name, type the name you would like to tag your music on hold file. 
  1. You can keep “random order” and “admin user group”, to default. 
  1. Then, click submit. 
  1. After you submit, you will see the full MOH setting. 
  1. Make sure Active field, is set to active. 
  1. Random order is for the music on hold to be played randomly if you have 2 or more files
  1. If you have multiple audio files to play, you can select the rank 1 to 10 for prioritization.
  1. Then, click submit. 

Now that we have set the Music on hold, we are now ready to set it ingroup.

  1. Go to inbound, ingroups then show in-groups.
  2. Click modify to the ingroup that you would like to add an MOH. 
  1. Under “IVR & Menu Settings”, look for the field, “Music On Hold Context”. 
  1. Click MOH Chooser and choose the file you just created. 
  1. Then click save changes. 
  1. To add the same MOH file in your campaign, go to campaigns. 
  1. Then, campaigns main and click modify to the one you would like to add it to. 
  1. Look for the field, Park Music-on-Hold. 
  1. Click MOH Chooser and choose the file you would like to use as the hold music. 

With MOH setup in the campaign, this means, from the agent interface, when the agent is in call and press the hold button, this MOH file will play for the caller or lead.