Now, I will walk you through how to set up the quick transfers in a campaign.

These are the D1 to D5 buttons that you see in the Agent Interface.

You can set up a maximum of 5 numbers with which 2 can have D T M F.

To set up, from the eDialer dashboard.

  1. Go to Campaigns.

2. Then, Campaigns Main.

3. Click Modify.

4. Then under “Transfer Options” add the 10 digit number you want to use as a third-party transfer number.

5. Then click Save.

If you need to add DTMF to a number, you need to assign it to either D1 to D2 only.

  1. Go to “ Additional Transfer Options Settings”

7. Then add the number to either, “Transfer-Conf DTMF 1” or “Transfer-Conf DTMF 2”

8. Then click save changes.