In this tutorial, I will walk you through setting up Lead Recycle.

What is Lead Recycle?

With Lead Recycle you can call specific statuses of leads again at a specified interval without resetting the entire list. Lead recycling is campaign-specific and does not have to be a selected dialable status in your campaign.

Let’s get started.

  1. First, identify the Dial statuses you want to recycle. To do this, you can either list down the most common dial statuses that should be recycled like Answering Machine, Busy, No Answer or Drop.

2. Or, if you have setup the campaign for awhile, you can look into the dial statuses from your campaign’s detail view and, use it as a basis for your lead recycle.

3. To set up, from eDialer administration dashboard, go to campaigns

4. Then, Lead recycle.

5. Now, choose the campaign you want to setup your lead recycle and click modify.

6. Choose the status that you want to recycle from the drop-down.

7. “Attempt Delay” is the number of seconds until the lead can be called. This can be set from a minimum of 120 up to 1 week which is 604,800 milliseconds.

8. “Attempt Maximum” is the maximum number of times that a lead of this status can be attempted to call before the list needs to be reset. This can be set from 1 up to 10.

9. Then, click ADD.

So, as an example, I can set an answering machine status which is A and AA to have an attempt delay of 1 hours which is 3,600 with up to  10 attempt maximum.