Here’s the step by step guide in how to create a campaign from scratch.

  1. Login to your eDialer Administration dashboard
  2. Go to Campaigns
  4. For the General Settings

a. Choose a Campaign ID – This can be alphanumeric characters without spaces minimum of 2 to 8 characters.

b. Choose a campaign name – This will be your campaign description

c. Make the campaign active – Set to ACTIVE

d. Select a campaign caller ID – This will be the phone number that your leads will see as Caller ID.

e. Allow inbound calling – YES, if you want the campaign to receive incoming calls and NO if the campaign will be outbound only.

f. Select a script for your agents – If you already uploaded your script and active, you will see it from this drop down box.

g. Then, click Continue.

5. Dial Settings

a. How do you want agents to dial – This is for eDialer’s dial method. Ratio and adapt are both for predictive mode and Manual or Inbound Man for manual dial method.

b. If ratio mode, how many lines per agent? – This will be for Ratio Mode’s dial level which means the number of lines the system should use per active agent.

c. If not in manual mode, do you want answering machine detection off or on? – This is for the AMD settings.

d. Auto Alt-Number Dialing – This is for leads with 2-3 phone numbers uploaded in eDialer.

e. Do you want agents to be able to make scheduled callbacks? – This is for agent only callbacks that usually shows a notification at the bottom left of their screen.

f. Allow agents to perform a lead search – This is for agent’s access to search for a lead in the agent interface.

g. Then click continue.

6. This will now show you the summary of the campaign configuration you chose. Click Submit when done.

7. Now, the final step will be for the list. If you already created your list ID and uploaded your leads, you can assign it from the drop down option. If not, you can skip this step and check out our next video on how to create a list UD