Make Your Own Answering Rules

Add more flexibility to your business by using a phone system that can work around any schedule. Choose from a host of options for your primary company number, extensions and departments to route and make direct calls based on your convenience.

Always On-Call

Be available to your customers with a call forwarding feature. Impress your customers by being there when they need you with this feature that is always transparent to the caller.

Complete Call Filter

Decide which calls you want to take and which ones you want to block. Enjoy the freedom of your discretion with this facility. You may even send calls directly to the voicemail.

Call Recording and Download

Use the advantage of automatic call recording to record all your incoming or outgoing calls. You may even play and download the recorded calls at your convenience. When you are done simply turn off the feature!

Easy Call Handling with Call Flip

Never again disconnect an ongoing call because you would be heading out of office. Simply flip it to your mobile phone. You may also choose to move it to your desk phone or softphone. Enjoy the flexibility, improve business relations.

Detail Call Log

Get access to all incoming and outgoing calls and faxes including the name, number, extension, date and time. No more taxing your memory or playing the guessing game. Enjoy a complete record right in front of your eyes.

Cost-Effective Virtual Calling Cards

Say goodbye to long PINs and plastic cards. Save money by using our system instead. Simply dial your dedicated office number, log in and dial out. It is convenient, fast, safe, economic and as easy as 1-2-3!

State Your Online Status

Let our colleagues and admins know if you are available, busy or on hold. Use it feature from desk phone, smartphone or softphone.

Instant Alerts

Stay informed with instant notifications for voice and fax messages. Enjoy this facility through email, text or real-time call management system!

Missed Call Notifications

No more guessing if you missed that call. Be sure with our missed call notification system.