What is a free call forwarding number?

It is also known as the toll-free number. However it is a virtual number not connected to any local area operator.  Moreover a toll-free number enables clients to make free calls to the business while the recipient pays for the call.

It is provided by a service provider such as etollfree comes with certain advanced features, including free call forwarding. Therefore with the toll-free numbers of etollfree, you can forward calls to any desired location, device, or number.

free call forwarding number
free call forwarding number
free call forwarding number

Difference between free call forwarding number & local number

A local number has a local area code, while a  call forwarding number has a three-digit code, For instance, 833,800,877,888,866.

However with a local area number, you are connected to a specific location and have to pay extra for international calls. Further a toll-free number, on the other hand, allows global connection with a minimum charge.

"free call forwarding number "

It integrate your phone calls with internet and virtual numbers and setups. Therefore You do not need physical equipment for forwarding, receiving, or recording calls. Rather, everything is done automatically according to a plan which is why toll-free numbers are also called virtual numbers. After subscribing to the etollfree call forwarding service, you will receive a toll-free number. You can access the call forwarding service from any device that is VoIP enabled.

Why get a free call forwarding number?

Global connectivity

With toll-free numbers, you can receive global calls. Moreover, you can connect with customers without any connectivity problems.

Affordable Prices

With the customer-friendly packages of etollfree, you can subscribe to the most affordable service. Moreover it also offers several free features and several free trials that you can cancel anytime.

Brand Building

you can create a global image of your business. However  research proved that companies with toll-free numbers are more trustworthy for clients than the ones without them.