What is VoIP Termination?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP Termination is the method of placing calls over the internet rather than landline networks. However VoIP is a virtual number that allows you to make cheap local and international calls through the internet, WiFi, or cellular data.

With a VoIP  to VoIP call, the signal is transferred from one IP address to another. Similarly, two landline connections use the local operator for signal transfer from one home phone to another. How does a VoIP-to-home connection work then? Therefore when the call is initiated from a VoIP number the data is in digital form. At one point, however, the data is translated to the recipient’s phone number through a process called address translation. At this stage, the call is switched from the internet to the local phone connection, connected to the recipient’s landline number. The complex process occurs within seconds, allowing the connection to be instantaneous and easy.

VoIP Termination
voip with phone number
VoIP Termination

VoIP with landlines

As confusing as it may seem to several people, you can use a home phone or landline to make VoIP termination calls. However a VoIP number behaves like a landline number and can be dialed on a landline phone. Moreover these numbers do not have the local area codes making them virtual and cloud-based. Further in the  absence of area codes makes it possible to place international calls with lower rates.

Benefits of VoIP Termination to Home calls


VoIP termination home numbers are the cheapest way of international communication. However you can choose any location and make international calls at the lowest rates. Moreover etollfree has several subscription plans that cost minimum money but provide several advanced features.

Use of Multiple Devices

With VoIP Termination numbers, you can use any device to make calls. However etollfree VoIP service gives you the freedom of location and choice of device. You can use a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or landline to place VoIP calls with minimum charges.

Quality Connections

For typical landline calls, the voice quality decreases with the increase in distance between the locations. However With etollfree VoIP numbers, you can enjoy high-quality calls over long distances and have a better call experience.