Online Fax

Gone are the days of using a fax machine for sending and receiving a fax. Further With etollfree virtual fax numbers, you can fax online and receive your faxes as attachments to your email. However you can send, receive, and edit faxes and documents on the go without using an additional fax machine.

To get a Service you can subscribe to any of our user-friendly and affordable packages and we will do the rest. Get your virtual fax setup within seconds and start sending and receiving faxes.

online fax

Etollfree Virtual Fax Number

Etollfree provides virtual fax numbers to its customers. However these numbers are similar to toll-free phone numbers and can be used virtually. Moreover etollfree fax numbers come with a variety of features and can be used from any device without using a fax machine.


Online File Sharing

It enables you to share and receive faxes online without the use of a physical fax machine or documents. However it is a virtual setup that can be used from any device anywhere. Share files and exchange documents through the internet similar to ema

Save Documents

Saving documents has always been a hassle. it enables you to save documents virtually and organize them systematically. You can keep records in a cloud-based folder without the fear of losing important data.

Multi-Device Usage

It is a digital service and is not bound to a single device or machine. However you can send and receive documents from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop from anywhere around the world.

Fax through Email

With the etollfree service, you can receive and send your fax from your email account as attachments. This makes it easy to edit and share documents and eliminates the need for additional equipment.

Easy Search and Find

you can organize your fax and documents as per requirement. The easy search and find option makes it easier to find documents on the go.
Secure and private Faxing
Etollfree online fax is a secure service that gives you a private fax number. You can send encrypted documents and messages without the fear of theft or privacy.