Vicidial® Voicemail setup?

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This will show you the step-by-step tutorial on how to Create a Voicemail Greeting and How to retrieve your voicemail
I’m using our demo server that you can visit at:
Make sure that a Voicemailbox is assigned to a User.
Go to Users

Click the User ID and make sure there is a voicemail box assigned under Voicemail ID.

Then, click SUBMIT.
Now on your softphone with registered phone extension, call 8500.

Follow the voice prompt.
There are 2 options on how you can retrieve your voicemail.
First is by calling the same number 8500 and following the voice prompt, or as an email notification attachment.
Here are the steps on how to setup your voicemail email notification:
From Admin>Phones click the phone extension that you want to have an email notification.

Look for the field that says “Email”.

You Can click Y under Delete Voicemail after Email to avoid clutter and make sure you won’t run out of storage as the dialer can only store up to 500 voicemail messages.