At eTollFree we have one of the best Auto Dialers in the industry. From the easy of use, to increase in production, to ability to track all your statistics, we have a great all in one Auto Dialer package for only $99 monthly. Give us a call today to figure out how we can help your sales operation!

Auto Dialer Software

  At eTollFree we pride ourselves in our Auto Dialing software. We have an easy to use product that only takes 30 minutes to setup. It’s a Web Based Auto Dialer that is hosted through our servers so you don’t have to worry about crashes or inconveniences on your end. We keep everything in one place and make it easy for you to see the results you’re getting with our tracking graphs. The ease of use and ability to see how much productivity and money you’re saving using our auto phone dialer keeps our clients happy month after month.

Auto Dialer System

  The Auto Dialer System we use at eTollFree can call hundreds of people simultaneously and uses AI to know exactly when your agents will be available. This is one of the perfect Auto Dialers for Telemarketing because it helps maximize call time and increase your productivity. So you can be making automatic phone calls while your agents are on the phone, and it will predict when they will be available. Hence the name Predictive Auto Dialer. Call us today to find out more about our phone auto dialer system.  

Below is a short video going over some of the features

that come with eTollFree’s dialer system 


Feature Rich, Customizable, Easy to Use + WebPhone






Telemarketing Auto Dialer


Web Based Auto Dialer

Another huge convenience that comes with the eTollFree Auto Dialer is the fact that it’s 100% Web Based Auto Dialer. So you can handle your whole operation from a computer or mobile phone. Our Hosted Auto Dialer comes with a complete suite of different charts and graphs to track your progress, as well as seeing who your top producers are. Affordable, All-in-one performance by eTollFree Service which fulfill your customer service for all kind of small and medium business. Excellent support provided by both Robert and his team…

Practice on Our Demo System

You have your cheap toll free numbers purchased, so how do you organize them? Want to see how the virtual call center software works before you buy? Of course you do! You can use our demo system to see all of the included features and functionality with this amazing telemarking software.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Still not sure if a predictive dialer is what you need? We have created a video to explain a little more about what it is used for.  

What are the Top 10 features of a Predictive Dialer?

Want to know what a predictive dialer has to offer? We have created a video to explain some of the features.  

How does a Predictive Dialer work?

Want to know how predictive dialers do what they do? We have created a video to explain the workings of predictive dialers.