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What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer allows a dramatic increase in the number of connections contact center agents make using an automated telephone dialer. Outbound agents are only connected to calls that are answered by a person, saving the time and hassle of listening to ring tones, voicemail messages, or other automatic services and messages.
Predictive dialers use algorithms to predict agent availability and the time it takes for calls to be answered, adjusting the rate of calls accordingly. They learn how to anticipate when agents are available and will speed up or slow down the dialing rate as appropriate. Predictive dialers also analyze unsuccessful calls to find out whether the number needs an automatic callback or an agent to call manually.

Maximize your Efficiency

e-Dialer predicts when agents will be available using advanced artificial intelligence and will adjust the dialing rate accordingly. It also determines how a callback will best be completed.


Increase your ROI

Studies have indicated that a predictive dialer can triple an agent’s talk time, going from an average of 15 minutes of talk time per hour to 48 minutes every hour!


Customized Dialing Modes

Customize how the predictive dialer works for your business. e-Dialer will account for list penetration and time zones. It is customized to meet your company’s business needs.


Englishtown: Learn How the Five9 Predictive Dialer Increased Call Center Efficiency by More Than 40%

Five9 customer Englishtown struggled with a low calling rate and manual dialing until switching to Five9. Thanks to the Predictive Dialer, Englishtown agents now make more calls per day — a boost in speed that is leading to big gains in closing rates.

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Get it done with e-Dialer


Don’t waste your company’s precious time manually managing leads and dialing numbers. e-Dialer automates the management of leads and campaigns to accelerate your sales funnel and achieve your contact center goals.



Predictive dialing connects agents only to live prospects, maximizing calling efficiency.


e-Dialer only connects your agents to live prospects, increasing their number of contacts drastically.



List ratios and priorities allow your agents to focus on the most qualified leads available.



Automate the productivity of your agents with e-Dialer’s redial feature and Disposition Timer.


Why Choose eTollFree?


Annual or monthly contracts with no long-term plans.


Advanced cloud solutions that are scalable, powerful, and secure.


Our advanced techniques and focus on customization give us a leadership position in the cloud communications field.


e-Dialer integrates your existing CRM for a quick and easy installation.


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