What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding refers to the telecommunication advancement that enables customers and businesses to divert and forward calls to any desired location, a different number, or a device. Call forwarding was initially used to divert unwanted calls. With time, however, technology became a crucial part of office setup, where calls can be forwarded to a different line if a person is busy.
Free call forwarding uses the internet instead of traditional landline systems to get a worldwide connection. You can either get a new virtual number or transfer your current number. You can use a VoIP-connected device to answer a call or forward it to a different location. Free call forwarding is a service provided by different companies such as etollfree.
You can get a toll-free number with advanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and customer support. You can forward calls to any number or location worldwide as required. It also enables you to use multiple devices to answer a call.
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free call forwarding number
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Etollfree Free call forwarding number

Etollfree is a global VoIP and call-forwarding service provider. We offer international toll-free numbers that are used for toll-free communications internationally. You can choose from our wide list of Toll-free numbers and start with the packages that best suit your business. With our free call forwarding number, you can forward calls anywhere in the world within seconds and get the best quality connections.

Free Call Forwarding number features

Global connectivity

With toll-free numbers, you can receive global calls. Moreover, you can connect with customers without any connectivity problems.

Brand Building

you can create a global image of your business. However  research proved that companies with toll-free numbers are more trustworthy for clients than the ones without them.

Affordable Prices

With the customer-friendly packages of etollfree, you can subscribe to the most affordable service. Moreover it also offers several free features and several free trials that you can cancel anytime.