What is a toll-free fax number?

A toll-free fax number is any number that starts with a three-digit code as 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888, and 1800.However a toll-free fax number does not cost the customer but is paid for by the recipient company or business. Moreover
Etollfree fax numbers come with numerous features. Therefore
for instance, international connections, affordable prices, fax filing, fax-to-email service, and more. Further these toll-free fax numbers are a great way of increasing the credibility of your business.

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Toll-Free Fax Numbers

Difference between local fax number & toll-free fax number

A local phone or fax number is the number with the area code. However It has a physical area code that operates in a specific geographical location. Therefore calls or faxes with local numbers cost a lot, and usually, the person initiating the call has to pay for the minutes.

A toll-free number, on the other hand, is a virtual number that is not associated with any geographical location. However It does not have any local area code. Therefore instead, toll-free phone and fax numbers have special three digits codes at the start. These numbers cannot be traced and provide a convenient business connection.

How to get toll-free fax numbers?

Subscribe to etollfree plans and get our amazing services at an affordable price. However we’ll create a virtual setup for you, and you can start receiving faxes in your mail inbox.

Why Toll-free fax?

Build business credibility

Give  clients the image of a trustworthy business that has a worldwide range. Moreover research has proved that businesses with toll-free numbers are more credible and trustworthy.


Instead of confining your fax to a physical machine and locality, get a virtual toll-free fax number. However you can access your faxes from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Fax to email

Step up your faxing by integrating it with your email. Further  the etollfree fax service, you can receive your fax directly in your inbox as an attachment. You can receive, edit, and send documents on the go without any complications.