What is a toll-free forwarding service?

It is the feature of forwarding calls placed on a toll-free number to desired locations and devices. However a toll-free number is a unique virtual phone number with a three-digit code. Moreover using a toll-free number enables your customers to make calls without cost, and access the customer care service. Therefore the three-digit codes include 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888.

Toll-Free Forwarding Service
Toll-Free Forwarding Service

How to get a toll-free forwarding service?

Subscribe to etollfree free forwarding service. However it Provide etollfree provides a world-class forwarding service with its toll-free numbers. Choose one of our plans that suits your business, and we will do the rest. You can start receiving and forwarding calls in no time.

Why Toll-free fax?

It is, not only makes call forwarding easier but also builds your business image and helps generate more revenue with international connections,

International Connections

We makes it more convenient for clients to reach a business with their queries. However almost 90% of US citizens prefer using a toll-free number.
With a toll-free forwarding service the customer enjoys free calls while the recipient company pays for the minute. etollfree has made it easier for businesses with its several packages with reasonable prices and advanced features.

Build your Brand

you can build a more professional and legitimate image of your business. It helps get more connections by portraying the business as a global entity with professional services.

Cloud-based phone numbers

Using a local area number limits your business to a single area. For long-distance calls, the charges can become a real nuisance, causing reluctance in customers. With an etollfree toll-free forwarding service, you can receive long-distance calls from customers without worrying about the cost. The phone number being cloud based gives you more freedom of position.

Global call forwarding

 you can forward incoming calls to any desired location or device. As toll-free numbers are virtual numbers that do not have a local area code, you can answer the call from anywhere. This creates a global virtual presence of the business making it more trustworthy for clients.

How does free call forwarding service work?

Toll-free forwarding is provided by a toll-free forwarding service provider like etollfree. All you have to do is subscribe to one of our plans and get a toll-free number. You can start forwarding calls globally with our virtual setup and receive calls on any desired device.
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