What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is provided by a virtual number provider such as etollfree. Virtual numbers are the numbers that are not connected to any local area operators and are cloud-based.
Etollfree virtual numbers give you the comfort of accessing your online control center from anywhere, anytime. You can receive toll-free calls from national and international clients while also sending and receiving voicemails.
A toll-free number is a unique virtual phone number with a three-digit code. Using a toll-free number enables your customers to make calls without cost, and access the customer care service. The three-digit codes include 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888.
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Etollfree Free trial.

Etollfree provides several affordable packages to its customers with Toll-free numbers, Free call forwarding, Toll-free FAx numbers, and many others. We also offer free trials for all our services. A toll-free number-free trial at etollfree has the following features


Quality Conferences

Quality is what distinguishes us from other service providers. We not only provide you with VoIP numbers and virtual setups but also give you the freedom to connect with the best available network. You can have endless high-quality conferences with etollfree.net.


Personalized Greetings

The secret of a successful business has always been satisfying clients. While it may seem bothersome, personalized greetings for customer calls are proven to be a better start. To make it accessible for our clients, etollfree.net also has the feature of recorded personalized greetings. You can either record it on your own or with the help of our professional voiceover artists. Moreover, you can also send and receive voicemails with our VoIP numbers and step up your customer care services.


Virtual Presence

etollfree.net provides its customers with codes of numerous localities. The virtual location code helps you create a virtual presence of your business in your desired location instead of physically moving it. For instance, a person wanting to connect with customers in Houston will choose the Houston code instead of moving there. etollfree.net also has a feature for connecting with remote team members. You can work as a single team irrespective of your location.