What are toll free numbers?

Toll free numbers are 888 phone number prefixes that started out as 800 number prefixes. The 800 number prefixes were the toll free area codes that were available before 1996, and the 888 prefix numbers came into use in 1996. The reason for the introduction of the 888 prefixes was that the 800 toll free numbers were becoming less available in number when compared to the present and future demand at that time. The toll free numbers became very scarce and the 888 number had to be introduced back then.

What are toll free numbers used for?

Toll free numbers are a form of marketing tool that companies employ in order to stay in touch with their customers. Toll free numbers are the prefixes that are normally the first three digits that is found in a company’s tool free number. Any company that has this number included in its company’s number will afford its customers the opportunity of contacting it for free without having to worry on payment of telephone bills. The toll free area code is something that is useful for any company that is interested in obtaining important feedback from its customers. It is a great marketing tool that can cultivate and retain a cordial relationship between a company and its customers

Individual Subscribers

Also, private individuals can subscribe to a toll free service provider to obtain a toll free number so as to reduce the call cost of their callers, for example, parents can subscribe or the service for the sake of their children so the children call their parents for free. This will help parents to be up to date with their children’s activities; dangers can be prevented in this way

Why do a reverse look up for a toll free number?

The presence of different prefixes is one that can bring confusion. When a company is interested in having a toll free code attached to its number, there is need for a comprehensive reverse look up so that the company will determine whether the number they are interested in using is not yet in use by another company or individual. A reverse look up for toll free numbers will prevent the stress of going back and forth in getting a toll free number. Also, a reverse lookup for toll free list will help a company to be able to reserve the different prefixes for the same number since it has been known to be available when a reverse lookup for toll free numbers had been employed.