Who pays for the call service?

Toll free number lookup reverse as they are called in the US or free-phone numbers as they are known around the world are three prefix numbers with a new addition to the list of numbers. These numbers work by charging the person being called. Toll free look up is a way of advertising for most organizations who know that not all their customers are able to afford making paid calls. Customers are able to find out any information from the respective companies at no extra cost. Their phone numbers are usually listed with 800, 877, 866 and the recently added 1-800 number tolls.

What advantages come with making these calls?

These phone numbers are interchangeable meaning an organization once has been given an identified number cannot have their phone lines crossed. Toll free number lookup reverse lookup is an asset to the company as it affords the opportunity to be listed in the directory. Listing on toll numbers makes it possible for anybody even through internet search to reach your company. Toll free look up is another way of marketing your services to the public at large. Not only is it a way of marketing it also enhances your business image to the public. Number search is usually made easy through these services.

When did it come into effect?

Toll free look up came into effect in the United Kingdom in the early 60’s. AT&T then on 2nd May, 1967 introduced toll free to the US. The first known organizations to have been listed in the search were Sheraton Hotels amongst many others. These toll free number lookup reverse that allowed customers to reach them were created as follows prefix 888 was created on 1-3-1996; 866 was created on 29-7-1986; 877 was created on 5-10-1996.