What is a 1800 Phone Number?

There are currently five toll free area codes: 800,888,877,866 and 855. They all work in the same fashion but have very subtle differences for advertisers. The most popular and original toll free number is 800 and as demand for this number has always been great, it is the only toll free number to have 1 prefixed to it to create the 1800 phone number. Essentially it is exactly the same as the 800 number. The 1800 phone number represents a brand name and by installing an 1800 number, your number becomes part of that brand name. It gives your business prestige and represents the business in a professional manner.

What Benefits Are There When Using a 1800 Phone Number?

The 1800 phone number is an extension of the toll free area code 800 and was introduced due to the great demand for these numbers. Any business wishing to increase their credibility and professionalism will be looking to acquire an 1800 phone number. This is because many businesses that are using an 1800 phone number have seen increase in sales and profitability. The usage of these numbers is the easiest and, possibly, the best way to attract new customers. Everyone is aspiring to save money these days and this includes any potentially new customers. Hence, it is clear to see why more and more businesses are opting to install an 1800 phone number. Not only do they help clients make contact with your business, they also help increase voice traffic to your customer services department.

Who Uses An 1800 Phone Number?

An 1800 phone number can be used by any businesses regardless of its trade. There was a time when only medium and large businesses made use of an 1800 numbers service due to the high costs of running such a system. Nowadays, this service is a lot more affordable and therefore it has been found that more and more businesses, irrelevant of their size, are actually installing 1800 toll free numbers for their customers. This has lead to an increase in demand and also an increased exposure to these toll free numbers as many businesses are now advertising their 1800 phone numbers. These numbers are therefore beneficial to businesses that wish to increase their customer base and hence increase sales and revenue.

Can An 1800 Phone Number Help Increase Sales?

As we all know everyone loves something for nothing and what is better than being able to converse on the phone without having to pay for it; even if it is to make an enquiry rather than having a friendly gossip, what a great way of increasing the number of customers calling your business. This, in the long run, can only lead to increased sales and revenue to your business. An 1800 number is one of the best ways of diverting new customers to your business.