What are 800 Number Services?

800 number services are the most popular toll free numbers out of the 4 available. The other 4 are 888, 877, 866 and 855. They all provide the same functionality but as the 800 number services are the original toll free codes, they have been heavily publicized and are therefore the most popular of all the services. 800 number services allow businesses to provide a toll free number for their customers to call, making it easier to increase sales and revenue. Many businesses use 800 number services as they represent professionalism and offer prestige that no other product can give.

Why Use 800 Number Services?

There are many reasons why 800 number services should be used. They help businesses to provide confidence to its customers. The use of these numbers signifies prestige and professionalism and instills a sense of reliability in that business. The end result of all of this is an increase in the number of customers a business has and hence an increase in revenue. This could be the one thing that helps change a small business into a large enterprise. Studies have shown that it makes sense to offer your customers a toll free service as this is the preferred method of contact by most people. As the business bears the cost of the call, the client feels that they are being treated with respect.

What Are The Advantages of the 800 Number Services?

The advantages of the 800 Number Services can be felt by both customer and business. As the business is offering a toll free method of calling, the customer feels more inclined to pick up the phone and make the call. There are no concerns of being left in a queue, waiting for the phone to be answered by an operator as the cost of the call is being taken by the business they are calling. This therefore helps increase the customer base and profitability for that business, allowing the business to enhance its services with any extra revenue earned. It also makes the customer feel valued and, at a time where there is much competition, each business has to do everything to hold on to its clients. On the other hand, the customer benefits by gaining free access to a new business and hence increasing their own services. This has a knock on effect on the business as they have enhanced their sales.

Do 800 Number Services Really Help Increase Sales?

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, people will always call you with specific enquiries. They may contact you via email but if they need a response immediately the first thing they will do is pick up the phone. Now, if you are a clever business then you will know that customers will be more inclined to call you if they are not concerned with the price of the call. The best way of doing this is by having an 800 number for your business. As these numbers are well known, people trust them and therefore have no qualms about ringing them as they know, for a fact, that they will not be charged. Therefore, this cannot do anything but increase sales for your business as they represent prestige and professionalism.