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Is 855 a toll free number?

Well, the answer is yes, it is. The number is very present in the toll free scene and comes in handy if you are looking for digits that your client can remember very easily. Apart from 855 numbers, there are also many other toll free numbers series i.e., 800, 888, 866, 877, etc.,  You should consider getting yourself one or more such numbers, to enhance your customer care services.
About 855 Toll Free Numbers

As everyone in the industry aware of, FCC (Federal communications commission) as requested by many in the industry, first released 855 numbers for commercial usage around 2010 final quarter. There were many in the industry worried that 855 didn’t really sound like a toll free number, but as it’s been almost 4 years now since the release of the 855 toll free numbers, people are very much used to it and it has become as one of the highly preferred numbers around the country for various businesses.
Why 855 Toll Free Numbers
If you want to enhance your business prospects, then having a toll free number is necessary. Numbers of this kind are easy to remember and free for your customers. You get to assume the costs of the call per minute or on monthly basis. However, through enhanced quality of service and a higher retention of clients that will result, it is an investment worth your money. Investment that will help in building your customers database, brand and your business for much longer period than you would expect.
The main reason that a toll free number like 855 encourages people to call you is they do not have to spend a dime to call you as you will be the one who pays for the calls. So even when they just need to have a piece of information, they don’t mind calling you since it’s anyway free for them. There you got the first open invitation from customer to convince them that you are a trusted company in your industry irrespective of whichever business you are in. For ex, when you ask us ‘ is 855 a toll free number ‘, it’s a kind of open invitation for us to answer your question and provide you a little more information 🙂
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