Features of the toll free AOL customer support

In case you have at one time you have ever tried getting in touch with the AOL Customer service for you to be assisted technically, then you know of how this endeavor can frustrate you. This kind of support assistance is only applicable to its customers who pay for the respective services. On the other hand, these services are not available to the clients who are involved in a low budget package. In this case, it would be difficult for one to get support on a problem they might be encountering. But for those who are permitted to obtain these services, all they have to do is visit the help page that has been created and the support crew would be ready to assist.

What steps should I follow get support from the AOL?

The first thing that you should opt for before taking considering to call the AOL Customer Service would be to visit their support web page where you will have a chance of browsing through the articles they have placed there for your benefit. This assistance comes in handy especially when you are encountering difficulties with their software. If you do not get any assistance in this portal, do not rush to their toll free line to access help, get to the live chat which is available on their website and might find lots of assistance with the problem you are going through. When it comes to a point where you are not getting anything, then it would be the most appropriate time to call their number which is toll free. But for those who are in the lowest package, sorry because you cannot use the services, but there is a way that you can use to do so.

How a low cost account holder can get in touch with the AOL Customer Service

Here, you are going to learn of some tricks to get in touch with the AOL Customer service if you are in the lower-cost account. You should start by calling the support crew on their toll free number which is (800) 827-6364. When you dial and the automated service comes on, continuously keep on hitting to zero, after a short while of doing so, the system will definitely inquire for your account details. When it does so, hit on the # button on your phone for 3 times continuously, which will result into you being redirected to the available customer representative. If there is one, they will try to get your information, when they insist, tell them the truth but say that you had a simple question. This is one method that will enable you to get to the representatives through their free number and you might get assistance.