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A toll free number is said to be the latest innovation in the field of telecom services. With this particular service, it has become much more easier for any business or individual to have better communication with their clients, friends or family. Furthermore, the number when installed by an organization does provide the facility of boosting the market. The customers can now communicate with the concerned business in a free way with such numbers.
Most providers are known to come up with different types of plan options for the business establishments or individuals to make a choice according to their requirements. It is also possible to have a customized plan to meet the requirements more specifically, which would be furthermore convenient and also easy on the budget. With some research and tips, it is possible to get a toll free number quickly and without any hassle.
Firstly, it is important to make a decision as to what type of toll free number is required. An 800 number does not actually cost the caller any money, but would charge the owner of the number by the minute. This number is extremely useful for the business, since it can be personalized for matching the business product or service and also does not cost the potential customers any money for calling. Hence, it does make a potential investment that helps expanding the business in a big way and also leaving a lasting impression on the customers. They are also affordable and the availability of different plans would ensure that the allocated budget is not exceeded.


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How The Ordering Process Works

The process is quite simple. Just search for the number you want, select your routing options, and enter your account and contact information. Once your account is created and your number is selected, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order along with login information to our portal within 5 to 30 minutes.

You will also receive 100 free minutes of service included with your trial period, after which you will be required to enter your credit card information to continue services. This allows you to try out the service before you buy. We want you to see how paying by the minute is actually cheaper than selecting monthly plans.

Forwarding Options

With this service you can create toll free forwarding to:

  • home telephone lines
  • business line
  • fax to e-mail
  • voice-mail
  • voice-mail to e-mail
  • auto attendant
  • international numbers.

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