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Straight talk toll free number: Its advantages

It could be said from the point of a marketing perspective that toll free numbers undoubtedly offer plenty of advantages and popularity than that of any type of advertisement, be it the print media or electronic version of it. It is sure to attract a better and bigger response than any of them. Business establishments that have been using these toll free numbers, have been quite aware of the different benefits that come with it. While others are said to be blissfully ignorant on the amount of business lost by them by not toll free numbers.
Most marketing professionals are quite convinced with the fact that a toll free number is likely to attract many orders than that of the regular advertisements, which carry no such toll free number. Moreover, statistics are said to display that the product return percentage could be decreased by more than half by introducing the toll free number. This is because, customers are able to contact the organization, in case of any dispute and by contacting through the toll free number, they are able to resolve the issues by themselves, which means less or almost negligible customer dissatisfaction.
It can be termed that the toll free numbers are indeed proving to be a wonderful boon for the entire business community. It has been reported that the 800 numbers have been motivating customers and makes them eager to respond to it and also favor the organization that uses it. The advertisements having the toll free number gets more attraction and hence, sales are increased, thus improving the revenue of the business.


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Forwarding Options

With this service you can create toll free forwarding to:

  • home telephone lines
  • business line
  • fax to e-mail
  • voice-mail
  • voice-mail to e-mail
  • auto attendant
  • international numbers.


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