Do you know about vanity number 800?

Vanity number 800 is a toll free number. As its name implies, the caller need not pay for the calls he makes. He can talk for hours together on an issue to the customer service department of a particular company. But he will not be charged for the calls, if he is speaking to the vanity numbers like the Vanity number 800. Thus nowadays, many people prefer to use the vanity numbers if they want to make calls to the companies and clarify their doubts. Earlier large companies used this concept. Now even smaller companies and individuals who own a shop want to fetch a higher market for their services and products by using these toll free numbers called the vanity number 800. The vanity number 800 corresponds to one particular phrase. Thus in case of vanity numbers, the digits are corresponding to the English alphabets.

How to benefit from vanity number 800?

Vanity number 800 is thus a combination of both letters and digits. First we need to choose the word that we want to be appearing for the vanity number. We can get these vanity number 800 from the toll free number provider service or even the telephone department. In that department, we have the option of choosing the number series that we would like to have. It would be for easy remembrance or for the corresponding letters. The telephone department will then check whether the no is available or not. If it is already present, then we need to think of other numbers. Then if nobody else has chosen such a number, then it will be allotted to us. We can place this vanity number 800 in the advertisement and start getting calls, where we need to pay for the calls received. As we get more customers calling and asking any doubt about our product, the sales will pick up and the process of getting a toll free number is part of the marketing strategy.

What are the ways to get the vanity number 800?

We need to think of many phrases before going to the toll free number provider or before getting the vanity number 800 because many other people would have thought of the same phrase. Apart from the phone companies, internet is also providing many other services and features and easy ways of selecting the names. When we forward the vanity number to the 1-800 line, we will be able to route the calls that we get online and hence find the actual location where our product is popular and hence we will be able to set up a shop in that location.